Q and A

Q Do I need to login to start shopping?

A Yes, you will need to login (or register as a new customer if you have never bought from us before) to complete your purchase.
However we do encourage you to login first before you start shopping for our great bargains.

Q Is it safe to use my PayPal account on your website?

A Yes, Japan Mart accepts payments by PayPal account or bank account. Japan Mart uses secure online payment technology and all data transfers are protected via Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") to our clearing facility. Your PayPal and bank account details do not remain on our database.

Q When placing an order I get an error message stating that there was a payment authorization failure?

A Normally this is a credit card error so please double check the credit card number and expiration date on your card.
Also, please be aware that we currently accept PayPal account or bank account only for the payments.

Q My PayPal account has been declined, what can I do?

A There may be insufficient funds on your PayPal account so try transfer via bank account please make sure you use a PayPal or bank account only. Please check your PayPal account security pin number is correct.

Q I cannot confirm my order - why not?

A It could be the product you selected has "sold out" while we were processing your order.

Q Can I order items with a Cashier's Cheque or Money Order?

A No, at this time we do not accept Cashier's Cheque or Money Orders.

Q When will I receive my Foods?

A You should receive it within up to 2-7 working days of completing your order. If you are a Rural Delivery customer or live in the deep south then allow some additional time just in case. If the obsession is too much, then we can track it for you. Just email us at info@japanmart.co.nz.

Q Can I order items with a Frozen foods?

A No, we do not deliver for the frozen items, pose a risk to food safety.

Q How much is the freight cost?

A freight fare table
Area Parcels Weight(Kgs) Standard Delivery Rural Deliverly
North Island 0+ ~ 5Kg NZ$7.00 NZ$13.00
5+ ~ 10Kg NZ$8.00 NZ$14.00
10+ ~ 15Kg NZ$9.00 NZ$15.00
15+ ~ 20Kg NZ$10.00 NZ$16.00
20+ ~ 25Kg NZ$11.00 NZ$17.00
South Island 0+ ~ 5Kg NZ$10.00 NZ$16.00
5+ ~ 10Kg NZ$15.00 NZ$21.00
10+ ~ 15Kg NZ$20.00 NZ$26.00
15+ ~ 20Kg NZ$25.00 NZ$31.00
20+ ~ 25Kg NZ$30.00 NZ$36.00
Waiheke Island 0+ ~ 5Kg NZ$21.00
5+ ~ 10Kg NZ$22.00
10+ ~ 15Kg NZ$23.00
15+ ~ 20Kg NZ$24.00
20+ ~ 25Kg NZ$25.00
*We cannot guarantee overnight or Saturday deliveries

Q Do you do back orders or rain checks?

A Please note that we cannot offer a backorder or "rain checks". We do everything we can to make sure our stock levels are accurate at all times. However there may be occasions due to unforeseen circumstances where we are unable to fulfil your order. If this should occur we will contact you for the value of your purchase or a full refund.

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